When Aether was three her father handed her over to the government to raise when he decided she was too dangerous to keep. Her powers were too wild, too unpredictable for life at home, but to the Dreamcrafters' Guild, a Special Forces division, she was a weapon to raise.

Now, almost fifteen years later, Aether is overwhelmed by the responsibility placed on her shoulders and her powers are failing, just at the moment they are most needed. A mission goes terribly wrong and Aether finds herself responsible for a terrorist attack in her own city, an attack that sparks a war. Now known to the most aggressive and accomplished Dreamcrafter and Tracker on the enemy side, Aether and her friends must go on the run to keep their home safe, fend off the enemy in their dreams, and survive out in a world that does not want them.


As a young woman in The Ninth City approaching the September of her seventeenth year, Eden has three choices: find a feminine occupation, find a husband, or be cast out of the city. Not one of these options remotely appeals to her.

Itching against a rigid class structure, Eden tries to keep her opinions to herself to save the reputation of her family, preferring to spend time with the Yumagi and working class, much to her mother's despair. On the night of the Gods' Summer Festival, Eden attends with her best friend Penny and Penny's secret Yumagi boyfriend. As they walk on a secluded road from the temples to the market square they are attacked by a jealous admirer, and a brief scuffle between the men ends in tragedy. With voices approaching, Eden throws herself over the body and tells her friends to run -- the Yumagi boy will be hung for this, and she will not.

Bailed from jail by a rich boy she naturally hates, Eden is put under house arrest in his home. Her reputation and future in tatters, she maintains her guilt in the face of the police, friends and family. Soon, it appears she has succeeded in convincing the city -- someone is trying to have their revenge.


Stories in the "OTHER" category are shorts or scenes unrelated to current WIPs. 

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