I am a British twenty-something who spends so much of her days listening to American podcasts and audiobooks that I use "y'all" without thinking and round off too many of my words. I spend almost all day outside, and depending on the weather I'll either tell you it's the best way to live or bite your head off. If I am not getting grubby making horses clean, or walking my dog, I am inside writing fantasy and science fiction for young adults and adults, or reading whatever has piqued my curiosity.

I have a habit of watching the same shows over and over rather than something new and love action films as long as there are muscles (on men and women) and explosions. My desperate hope of becoming a superhero will lead you to find me in the gym four nights a week, where I talk to no one, glare at "Bros" hogging the weights and do a little step here and there along to the music I'm listening to.

Half of my brain has been dedicated to true crime and serial killers, and if you want to know how to kill someone and get away with it I will have a very intense and long discussion with you until you have tried to change the subject several times. I'm on some lists somewhere, guys.

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