Thursday, 2 November 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017

It's that time of year again, folks. National Novel Writing Month. It comes around faster and faster each year, and normally I am in an editing stage of a novel when it rolls around. This year has been less structured in terms of my draft production, so though there is a book I have been thinking about almost all year, I spent a solid six months redrafting a previous book that I have decided to shelve, and the rest of the time I have either been working on my current WIP or distracted with the summer or other life stuff.

This year I actually have something to work on. It's been quite a few years since I've had something to start from 0 on the first of November, but at least this year I have a manuscript with just over 22k words that can do with all the extra word count I can give it. This book is the best thing I've ever written, and I'm not rushing it, but equally, I can't baby it forever. It has to become a draft that can be read by others. I have to see if it can keep its head above the water without my holding it up.

I won't be doing NaNo traditionally (trying for that 1667 daily word count) but instead just trying to write daily with a daily goal that increases in steps of 50 or so. I am in the process of trying to find a new day job and if that takes precedence over writing one day, then it will. If I can pump out 1600+ words in a day, all the better too.

Are you doing NaNo? Do you find November a good month to try it or do you prefer the Camps in the spring and summer? They've always worked better for me in my yearly timeline.

You can add me as a buddy on NaNo - my user is blissfulnightsecret.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Email Heads Up

Just a quick heads up that my email was offline for a few hours last night, so if you tried to send me an email and it bounced, it is now back to normal.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

You Can't Do Everything

Over the past two months, I've had a full roster of To-Dos, both in everyday life, work and my writing life. Last week I got sick (my partner loves to bring home colds for me) and what should have been a simple cold ended up as a day of throwing up and missing work. I think it was my body's way of telling me enough was enough. You cannot do everything.

I have continually added to self-given responsibilities. As soon as one project is finished or one event is over I give myself no time to say "well done", but instead immediately move onto the next problem, all while finding more and more to add to my plate that I can't possibly eat. 

It's important to give yourself a break. At the beginning of this year, I gave myself a goal of having two days a week where I could "clock out" mentally. So though I would go to work and the gym and do the physical things, I would use those days to listen to audiobooks, play games and watch films. As soon as my schedule was slightly off this slipped by the wayside. I was back in the cycle of mentally punishing myself for not having enough ticked off of an impossible list. 

Last week has shown me I need to simplify. I need to stop putting pressure on myself to find more and more work: my writing has to come first. Yes, it's hard when I'm in the middle of a fifth or sixth edit, and I can't see the forest for the trees to find the motivation to look at that manuscript again (when I know how many times I'll have to go over it again if it is bought) and want to swallow hot coals instead, but if I keep my nose to the grindstone I'll soon look up, and it will be finished. 

My beautiful, shiny new project will be waiting, ushering me into its open arms ready for an adventure. 

I've just got to work hard and keep it simple. 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Writing Goals for 2017

Okay, so I know the 3rd of March is not exactly the right time to be writing about your goals for the year, but I'm going to go ahead and do it anyway. To do so is/was the first Wordbound prompt, so regardless of the date and the fact that I should be on prompt #8, here are my writing goals:

  1.  Finish another novel - this will likely be the adult sci-fi I am currently brainstorming.
  2. Write consistently - as I stated in the post on my homepage, I tend to only write for the 3-6+ months of the year that a first draft takes. The rest of the year is spent editing or having fun out in the sun in the summer, not getting enough done. This year I really want to commit to writing each week, not just on my current project.
  3. Completely finish my current WIP - it's a complete story, I just need to finish edits and give it to alpha readers.
  4. Cut the word count from Dreamcrafter by about 30,000 words (or some equally scary number).
  5. Query Dreamcrafter and current WIP.
That being said, I try not to get too hung up on goals and keep them loose. If something happens in life or a project takes more time than originally planned, that's okay. I am great at punishing myself for not finding more hours in the day. I always finish projects so flitting from one WIP to another is not something I need to worry about. 

I think these five goals are achievable. 

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